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At St Johns, it is our constant endeavor to exceed clients’ expectation by offering International standards at competitive prices. We believe that quality & innovation is a continuous process.

St Johns has a diverse healthcare portfolio, including innovative First Aid Kits, Medical Equipments, Eye Care Products and Consumer Health Care & Pharmaceutical Products. We, also Hospital Disposables, Medical Gloves, and wide range of Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals.

Our products are used by millions of people across the country, helping them to do more, feel better and live longer. Our commercial success depends on creating innovative new products and making these accessible to people who need them. By achieving this, we aim to grow our business and provide benefits to the consumers, society and our employees.

Our success with our clients is achieved by providing them with cutting-edge, innovative solutions that equip them with the tools to face challenges in their work environment. We take pride in building strong business relationships across complex cultural and geographical diversity.

At St. Johns, it is our endeavor to exceed client’s expectation by offering international standards at competitive price. We believe that quality & innovation is a continuous process. The first aid supplies are nearly assembled in a bag / box or any other containers so that they are easily accessible during emergencies. The first aid kits are available for various application & range like "New Parent Kit”, “Burn Care kit”, “Pet care Kit”, “Safe Home Kit”, “Travel Safety Kits”, “Bike Kits”, “Industrial Kits" and etc.,

☀ Multipurpose Kit ☀ Industrial Kit
☀ Work Place Kit ☀ Safe Home Kit
☀ Travel Kit ☀ Specialty Kit
☀ Innovation Kit ☀ First Aid Refills
☀ Disposable Kits ☀ Disaster Management Equipments
☀ Hospital Equipment/Medical Devices ☀ Drugs and Pharmaceutical
☀ First Aid Training ☀ Safety Guide and Charts